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Subject: FW: [wsdm][UPlat] Metadata Definition from Dictionary.com

Forwarding for Andreas, he took an action item to send this during our conf


-----Original Message-----
From: Andreas Dharmawan [mailto:andreas@westbridgetech.com] 
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 11:16 AM
To: 'Zulah Eckert'; 'Bryan Murray'; 'Ellen Stokes'; 'Heather Kreger'; 'Igor
Sedukhin'; 'John DeCarlo'; 'William Vambenepe'
Subject: [wsdm][UPlat] Metadata Definition from Dictionary.com


<data> /me't*-day`t*/, or combinations of /may'-/ or
(Commonwealth) /mee'-/; /-dah`t*/ (Or "meta data") Data about
data. In data processing, meta-data is definitional data
that provides information about or documentation of other data
managed within an application or environment.

For example, meta-data would document data about data
elements or attributes, (name, size, data type, etc) and
data about records or data structures (length, fields,
columns, etc) and data about data (where it is located, how it
is associated, ownership, etc.). Meta-data may include
descriptive information about the context, quality and
condition, or characteristics of the data.

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