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Subject: Re: [wsdm] [UPlat] Action items for next weeks meeting - logging & lifecycle

Here's my homework for logging and lifecycle:

Logging is the action in which message producers generate log 
artifacts, i.e., atomic expressions of diagnostic information, that 
may or may not be used at a later time by other, independent, 
message consumers. Secure logging is required for audit trails 
needed to fulfill judiciary and organizational policy requirements, 
to reconcile security related inconsistencies, and to provide for 
forensic evidence both after the fact and real-time. 

Lifecycle is a set of states that a resource can be in and the valid 
transitions between those states.  A resource goes through a set 
of states and transitions throughout its life.  Lifecycle provides the 
capability to manage the actual operational state of a resource, 
operations to influence a change in the state of a resources, and 
events indicating when a state change has occurred.  An application 
or management tool uses the lifecycle information for a resource to 
better manage that resource.  For example, valid operations or valid 
property values of a resource may be determined through introspection 
of a resource's state to aid the application or management tool in doing 
those actions only in the state in which those actions are valid. This is 
important in autonomic systems where actions taken do not expect 
exceptions to be thrown.


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