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Subject: [wsdm] Prioritized list of issues from Uplat subteam

Here is the current status of the prioritized list of issues for the Uplat
team. The team has been in the process of defining and understanding why
each issue is important. Those emails have been available to the entire TC
and are labeled with [wsdm][Uplat] so please check these for definitions and
some discussion. The team has set a "cut line" for the first release with
"high priority items" as must completes and the "med" items above the cut
line as ones that we want to complete. Most of the "med" items above the cut
line were issues that we just needed to say something about (e.g., security
and registration/discovery). We are still doing some work to determine the
priority for collection, lifecycle, and name resolution.

Identification - High
Versioning - High
Attributes - High
Metadata - High
Addressing - High
Notification - High
Relationships - High
Security - Med
Registration/Discovery - Med
Policy - Med
---------------------------------------- Cut line
Collection - Med
Flow - Low
Negotiation - Low
Relationship Service - Low
Logging - Low

TBD - Collection, lifecycle, name resolution

The next step for the team is to produce a recommendation for each of the
"high" items and if possible for the "med" items about the cut line as well.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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