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Subject: Re: [wsdm] [Omod] prettied up UML sample

Thus quoth Sedukhin, Igor S (~ 28-Oct-03 1:50 PM ~)...

> In response to
> ACTION: Igor to research how to pretty-up the presented UML diagram to 
> be UML 2.0 compliant with respect to readonly modifier and research how 
> to hide +/- if they are not used in the diagram.

Not being one to let my ignorance get in the way ;-), since we're going 
so far as to use "rw", "ro",  etc., might it not be better to use {} 
instead of << and >> ?  I suppose they could be stereotypes uber 
everything, but it seemed like a constraint on the function would be 
equally appropriate.  Not sure I have a strong opinion here, especially 
since I'm not a UML expert, but it's worth considering.

Also, if it's not a stereotype, should it move to the end?

     <<rw>> SampleOptionalProperty[0..1]: xsd:dateTime
     SampleOptionalProperty[0..1]: xsd:dateTime {rw}

 From an "information priority" point of view, I tend to think that the 
"event"-ness is much more important than the mutability of a property. 
That is, first I'd sort things [mentally] into events vs. properties, 
then, within properties, by type and/or optionality, and finally by 
mutability... until I know what it is, I don't much care if I can change 

(If you send me the .vsd file, I'd be happy to tweak it to "get the full 
effect".  Once I see it, I might even disagree with myself :-/ )

Just one opinion...

> <<MOWS UML Model Sample1.png>>
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> --* (631) 342-4325* .. 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788
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Fred Carter / AmberPoint, Inc.

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