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Subject: [UArch] Roles

I had hoped to copy from something else, but here is a very rough first 
take on the issue.

4.2 Roles

This section documents the roles various components of the MUWS 
Architecture, as well as related components, will have during management 
using Web Services.  It is not intended to constrain the locus of 
implementation, but instead is intended to document the required 
components for manageability and which actions each is required to 
take.  Again, one application implementation may have many roles or a 
full role may be implemented by a combination of many different 

The major roles are Manager and Manageability Interface.  Related roles 
are Manageable Resource, Manageability Endpoint, Manageability Service, 
and related infrastructure components, such as a Directory.

There are also actions only referred to here, because there is no direct 
relationship to the manageability interface, and standardization is not 
required.  Such as getting a new manageability interface up and running 
for the first time.

4.2.1  Manager.

The Manager sends messages to the manageability interface.  The Manager 
receives responses from the manageability interface.  The Manager 
receives notifications from the manageability interface and responds 
appropriately.  The Manager knows about the manageability capabilities 
available at the manageability interface. 

4.2.2  Manageability Interface???


John DeCarlo, The MITRE Corporation, My Views Are My Own
email:      jdecarlo@mitre.org
voice:      703-883-7116
fax:        703-883-3383
DISA cube:  703-882-0593

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