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Subject: Re: [wsdm][terms] First pass of the terminology document is attached


> I tried to take the terms that we debated early on (in the requirements
> discussions) and define them succinctly (and non-circularly).  Also, I
> reviewed the "Resource Management on Grids" document from the GGF's CMM WG
> (authored by Fred Maciel) and found that there are some differences in
> terms, but no major disconnects.  (I would appreciate hearing if others
> disagree with this.)  I think that we have some work to do to align terms,
> but this seems do-able.

Oops, Andrea noticed that document!... :-) And she even sent talked about it
to WSDM!... :-) Oh, no!... ;-) (And I didn't even start writing about models
yet... :-)

Yes, we in CMM-WG are writing a simple text on management in OGSA, with the
main objective of giving a framework over everybody can discuss management
in the OGSA structure (which has many levels, many vague terms like
"resource managers", which made some of the discussions a bit confusing).
It's still a *very* preliminary version, which might be discussed on the
OGSA face-to-face later this week. By the way, one of the action items
written in the text is to use the WSDM nomenclature -- I didn't do it yet
just for lack of time. I'll start working on that soon.

For those curious, the latest version of the text is here (Andrea: did you
read version 1? The link below has version 2, which changed some of the
basic definitions).
I'm not giving names to the functionality, but the stuff on the Platform
services level is mostly WSDM.

That's all for now (the WSDM F2F is starting). Regards,

Fred Maciel.

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