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Subject: [OMod] Another try at "magic bullet"

Igor and all,

What about the following proposal. Based on all discussions so far I get a
sense this could be agreeable to everyone for both our 0.5 and 1.0

MUWS defines in its "identity" category:

- ResourceID[1]: anyURI - unique ID of the resource managed.

MOWS defines in its "identification" category:

- EndpointReference[1]: styleTBD - [a WSDL (1.1 or 2.0) "service" element
containing only one endpoint] OR [a wsa:EndpointReference element] OR [a
complex type that includes each of the above as choices and possibly some
other], whichever the working group decides to use for endpoint reference.
This is a separate issue, discussed in the Uplat area. We can postpone for a
bit the decision on what endpoint reference format we use, but this should
be consistent with the endpoint reference format we use for MUWS (for
example to express participants in relationships). This property represents
one way to access the resource but doesn't preclude the existence of
multiple descriptions of the resource.

- EndpointDescriptions[0..n]: xsd:anyURI - a list of URIs pointing to
descriptions of the resource. The different descriptions can be of the same
or of different types (e.g. WSDL1.1, WSDL2.0, UDDI tModel...)



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