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Subject: [wsdm][Editor] General Writing Guidelines

Title: Message
Hi Team:
I put together the following writing guidelines. I have applied the guidelines to Chapter 1 and 2 of MUWS Spec. In the coming days, I will apply the guidelines to the remaining of the document.
Please review the guidelines and provide feedback. I am happy to incorporate best practices.

General writing guidelines


         In a large document, all figures should be captioned, and the caption centered either above or below the figure.

-  When deciding whether to place captions above or below figures, you must be consistent throughout the entire document.

         In a doc with numerous figures, each figure should be numbered (such as, Figure 2-1, …)

         Numbered figures should be referenced in some way (such as, “Figure n illustrates …”) before the figure appears in the text flow.

         Figure references should always be “forward” references; backward references (to a previously-displayed figure) are ideally only to the most recently displayed figure. Otherwise, it may be better to repeat the graphic as a new figure.

Instead of …

Write this…

i.e., …

that is, …


in other words, …

e.g., …

for example, …


such as, …

…, etc.

…, and so on.


         If three or more items are to be listed in a sentence, list them as bullet items.

         Bulleted lists should be numbered only if they represent a sequence of actions that must be performed in a specific order. When numbered, they are considered numbered lists, rather than bulleted list. See discussion on numbered lists later in this guide

         When writing a bulleted list, each item in the list should be:

-  Capitalized the same

-  Full sentences, or discrete phrases

-  End in periods, or not

         If a bulleted list breaks across a page boundary, I find it’s good to prevent “orphaned” list items of less than three items. In other words, ensure that at least three list items appear before and after the page break. If not, then keep the lines of the bulleted list together on the next page.

         “When …, …”

         “In …, …”

         “Because …, …”

         Used only for sequential listing of items, where relative order is significant

         Each item should represent a single physical step or concept.

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