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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Upcoming Spec comment/Open issue note

Yup, that'll work.  I suspect that we might want to call it out since 
*I* didn't find it particularly bleeding obvious (oops!).  MUWS calls it 
out (top of section 3), but I don't see anyplace that we define how the 
WS-Addressing info is obtained, so I didn't make the link.  My bad.

Also, as part of my understanding, the patterns suggested in the 
associated documents tend to imply that the EPR will be returned from 
somewhere (factory, query, etc.) with all that information available.  I 
suppose that could be embedded in the WSDL in some cases, but it's not 
clear that we've (moreover, I think it's clear we've not!) defined the 
mechanism to obtain the EPR from any of our known endpoints.

Once, in Austin, I think, we all spent some time discussing how one 
might obtain the address of the manageability endpoint for some business 
endpoint.  I'm not sure we completely settled it :-).  Now, though, it 
appears that we'll need to have some means of constructing the EPR for 
some endpoint.  One assumes that the metaphoric resourceId part will be 
either our unique identifier, the "friendly name" (whatever that comes 
to mean), the URL of the endpoint, or something.  However, we might want 
to expand upon the means by which that's found.

We could certainly define the appropriate means of reference & 
construction for SOAP, but that appears to be a different pattern than 
that encouraged in the document you mention.  (Or maybe we have, but 
it's too late on Friday for me to see it...)

Oh well, gotta go get the kids now...

Have a good weekend all (or, hope you did if you're seeing this later!).


Thus quoth Vambenepe, William N (~ 19-Mar-04 4:48 PM ~)...

> Hi Fred,
> If I understand what you are asking, the answer is that this is provided
> by the implied resource pattern described in the "modeling state" white
> paper which is part of WSRF
> (http://devresource.hp.com/drc/specifications/wsrf/ModelingState-1-1.pdf
> ).
> The endpoint reference (EPR) contains the address of the manageability
> endpoint as well as (in the reference properties) any other info that is
> needed to specify which resource (in your example, which manageable
> endpoint) the request should be executed against.
> Regards,
> William
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Fred Carter [mailto:fred.carter@amberpoint.com] 
>>Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 3:31 PM
>>To: Wsdm (E-mail)
>>Subject: [wsdm] Upcoming Spec comment/Open issue note
>>Greetings those of WSDM :-)
>>I'm not quite sure where this belongs -- it's either an oops, an open 
>>issue, or something we'll deal with later (which are probably 
>>all really 
>>the same thing :-)
>>In our MOWS (at least) model, a manageability endpoint can provide 
>>management for a number of manageable endpoints. (The 
>>converse is true 
>>as well but not terribly relevant to this missive.)
>>Thus, some manageability endpoint A can be managing B, C, and D. 
>>Section 2.3 of MOWS outlines the responsibilities of the 
>>endpoint with respect to properly collecting information.
>>That said, how does one get, say, metrics for B from A?  Our 
>>WSDL define 
>>a port with no operations, since they come from WS-RP.  Which is fine.
>>The WSRP FW gives us the ability to query specific properties, but I 
>>don't know that we've provided a means to scope those to a particular 
>>managed endpoint.  To do so, I think, we need to have some 
>>between the properties & endpoints;  at present, the 
>>properties appear 
>>to be associated solely with the manageability endpoint.
>>Our interop scenario's at this point don't require this at present -- 
>>the scenario's in question outline a 1:1 mapping between business 
>>endpoint and manageability endpoint, possibly in different 
>>services.  So 
>>we can clearly punt for now.
>>But we will, I think, have to extend the specification to 
>>deal with this 
>>eventually.  We will either have to add some affiliation 
>>between metrics 
>>and managed endpoints (or other classifications) to enable 
>>refine our manageability/managed endpoint relationships, 
>>define multiple 
>>property sheets, or something.
>>Food for thought...
>>(Or I might be missing the bleeding obvious!  It's been a 
>>long week... :-/ )
>>Fred Carter / AmberPoint, Inc.
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Fred Carter / AmberPoint, Inc.

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