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Subject: WSRF requirements for discovery

Hi all,

To fulfill my action item from the conf call, here is proposed wording
for two requirements to submit to the WSRF TC. They cover the first two
points in the list of discovery features in my email from 4/21.

Requirement 1:

Any EPR used to reference a WS-Resource must allow the consumer to
retrieve the WSDL description of the WS-Resource and deterministically
disambiguate which port (of those in the WSDL) is to be used.

Requirement 2:

There must be a way for the consumer of the WSDL of a WS-Resource to
know whether the WSDL contains enough information to access the
WS-Resource. If not, there must be help in retrieving EPRs of
WS-Resources that share this WSDL.



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