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Subject: Re: [wsdm] WSRF requirements for discovery


After listening to the discussion today, it occurs to me that discovery 
(discoverability?) might be usefully described in terms of 
notifications.  This is because I think the same fundamental 
architectural issues are at work when:

      (1) A consumer wishes to subscribe to notifications on a given topic.
      (2) A consumer wishes to discover the existence of resources for a 
given type
            (or, property list, or, attribute set, or, wsdl fragment)

If a ws-r were to emit a notification at instantiation time with a topic 
of "discovery", a reference to wsdl, its known epr and publish within a 
brokered framework, then it would be possible for a consumer to 
subscribe to a"discovery" topic (maybe a subtopic of a ws-r type would 
help here...).  Subject, of course, to security and access rights, etc.

I am assuming that ws-n might support some mechanism for a consumer to 
subcribe to a topic, like "discovery", and be able to obtain the past 
(unique) events on topic.  Such a list should ultimatedly provide the 
discoverability consumer with a list of ws-r eprs, each as reported 
during instantiation by the ws-r itself.

So, how might a structured "discovery" topic be worked into the ws-n scheme?




John DeCarlo wrote:

> D)  Managed Resource Creation/Deletion Events.  Manageability Consumer 
> is there first.  As each resource is made manageable, an event 
> (containing the EPR in the payload) goes to the Consumer.

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