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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Discovery Scenarios [fred]

Tom Maguire wrote:

> John DeCarlo <jdecarlo@mitre.org> wrote on 05/21/2004 09:24:58 AM:
>>+1 from me, too.
>>If WSDM specifies a "TellMeWhatResourcesYouProvideManageabilityFor" type
>>of operation, it would have to be optional (except in some profiles,
>>should we get there).
> +1  However, I'm not sure that WSDM needs to define this
> interface.  WS-ServiceGroup should be investigated to see if it fits the
> bill.

I thought that was one of the reasons to submit WSDM requirements to the 


>>And maybe eventually the description might well say it is deprecated
>>because of the full adoption of Service Groups or other registry
>>mechanisms (or relying on a notification infrastructure) for Manageable
> ServiceGroup is just an interface why would we not adopt it now?

I don't see why not.  Just not sure I understand would it would take to 
adopt it.

For instance, having this hypothetical operation return a Service Group 
makes a lot of sense to me.  Then all the features of a Service Group 
can be leveraged, such as treating it as just another type of registry.

OTOH, requiring that each Manageability Provider register every 
manageable resource with a third party that will create a Service Group 
out of it may not be the way we want to go initially.


John DeCarlo, The MITRE Corporation, My Views Are My Own

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