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Subject: Discovery recap

Hi all,

Trying to recap where we are on this "discovery" work. I am naming the
different discussions/issues so we can address them clearly (no I won't
give an EPR to each one). Note that these are limited to MUWS discovery
issues, not MOWS.

This is the issue of finding a WSDL from an EPR. I didn't hear any
disagreement on the wording that we came up with for the corresponding
requirement during the conf call last week. This requirement (to be
passed to WSRF) reads in three parts:

1) Any EPR used to reference a WS-Resource must provide sufficient
information for the consumer to  retrieve the WSDL description of the

2) The EPR must contain enough information to disambiguate which port
and/or service to use.

3) The WSDL component model of the WS-Resource must be complete (must
include, inline or import the  schema of all referenced elements)

This is the first part of the "WSDL->EPR" requirement that we discussed
on the phone this week. The way I understand this issue, it is "if I
only have a WSDL document, how can I tell whether this WSDL document
contains enough information for me to invoke a WS-Resource behind it
(without needed extra info in the form of an EPR)". Some argue that this
not an issue and this feature is not needed (people will get an EPR, not
a WSDL so there is no need to go from WSDL to EPR). Others argues that,
especially in the case where the ReferenceProperties element of the EPR
is empty, one might want to just use WSDL and we need to help them do so
by addressing this issue.

This is the second part of the "WSDL->EPR" requirement that we discussed
on the phone this week. It is the issue of providing a way (e.g. a WSDL
operation, a Resource property...) to retrieve a list of EPRs from


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