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wsdm message

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Subject: [no subject]

Discovering to what extend optional management capabilities are
supported by a manageability endpoint. E.g. some capabilities might only
be accessible in certain states. Or some of the capabilities we define
might not be granular enough and people might pick and choose what part
of a portType they implement. Or a manageability endpoint might limit
what it sends (for example limit based on the size of the reply message,
you can't ask for all the resource properties if the resource properties
doc is too big). Etc. Can someone smell meta-data?

Identifying a "management" WSDL, a "management" EPR.
I am having a senior moment here, I can't recall why I put this one in
my original list. And why it survived our review in the conf call 2
weeks ago. We already decided that the muws:Identity portType was acting
as marker, so I am not sure what else is needed. Can we close this?


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