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Subject: RE: [wsdm] Agenda for our call tomorrow

In preparation for the conf call next tomorrow, I include bellow an
example of a Notification message (as defined by WS-Events) that I will
use in my presentation of the WSMF approach to events payload.



<Envelope xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/";>
nts/" xmlns:mngmt="http://samples.com/management";>
        <evt:Notification Id="notification-1">
          <mngmt:Message>A message</mngmt:Message>
          <mngmt:CorrectiveMessage>Try this</mngmt:CorrectiveMessage>

-----Original Message-----
From: Heather Kreger [mailto:kreger@us.ibm.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 8:53 AM
To: wsdm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [wsdm] Agenda for our call tomorrow

WSDM calls will now be split between Discovery and Notification. 

So... after rollcall and any F2F issues, tomorrow we will split our call
into two topics: 
12-1 - WMX if it can be coordinated by Winston. 
Else, Discovery Discussion Continued - William
- Discovery status reivew
- Action Items
- Summarize/Discussion on very active email threads
- Plan for closure on different discovery items
1-2 - Notifications Kick off - Heather/Andrea
1. Review of event formats available - fields/information in the event,
pointer to schema 
- WSMF event - William
-Common Base Event - John Gerken/Heather Kreger
-CIM Indications - Andrea
-Syslog - Roger/Andrea
2. Plan to develop WSDM event format

Heather Kreger
STSM, Web Services Lead Architect for SWG Emerging Technologies
Author of "Java and JMX: Building Manageable Systems"
919-543-3211 (t/l 441) cell:919-496-9572

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