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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Terms being used in WSDM

Thus quoth Tom Maguire (~ 27-May-04 1:28 PM ~)...

> John DeCarlo <jdecarlo@mitre.org> wrote on 05/27/2004 02:43:01 PM:
>>As was made painfully clear in today's call, the WSDM TC is using the
>>term "endpoint" in at least two to four different ways.  And this is
>>causing differences in perception of the Logical Model of MUWS.
>>IMNSHO, this confusion is a "bad thing".
+1 from me, too.
>>2.  When we use the term "EPR", we say it is a reference to a Manageable
>>(Fred has a good point here that Managed is more correct once you get to
>>sending SOAP messages) Resource.  And the content of the EPR is defined
>>in WS Addressing, maybe clarified in WS-RF.
> +1 to the notion.  -1 to "Managed":  managed is a verb; manageable is an
> adjective.  Describing a noun/thing with a verb seems incorrect. In any
> case
> it seems like a pedantic argument since the definition of manageable is
> "capable of being managed".
I'm not going to be too picky about the final term.  However, w.r.t. 
parts of speech ;-)  "Managed" can be either a verb or an adjective in 
common usage -- I am a managed person (alternatively, a person who is 
managed), though my manager may debate whether I am manageable.

Alternative examples: /Managed/ {fund, bonds, currency}, /Managed/ 
[health] care, /Managed/ lane (HOV lane).  I might humbly suggest an 
accidental find (via "google" for "managed adjective" :-) )


Personally, I prefer "managed" because it [to me] implies that the 
resource is currently being managed.  "Manageable", again to me, 
connotes a resource which could be managed, but isn't, or, as in the 
facetious example above, is managed with varying degrees of success.

In general, I hear/interpret "-able" things as "capable of..." which is 
different than having accomplished it.  "My kids are capable of doing X; 
  whether they do it at any point in time is a different question." 
That's the connotation I hear, but others may be different...

Just a point of view...


Fred Carter / AmberPoint, Inc.

tel:+1.510.433.6525 fax:+1.510.663.6301

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