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Subject: Issue: Finding WSDL from an EPR


This issue has been passed to us from the WSDM-TC.

> [Disc01]
> This is the issue of finding a WSDL from an EPR. I didn't hear any
> disagreement on the wording that we came up with for the corresponding
> requirement during the conf call last week. This requirement (to be
> passed to WSRF) reads in three parts:
> 1) Any EPR used to reference a WS-Resource must provide sufficient
> information for the consumer to  retrieve the WSDL description of the
> WS-Resource.
> 2) The EPR must contain enough information to disambiguate which port
> and/or service to use.
> 3) The WSDL component model of the WS-Resource must be complete (must
> include, inline or import the  schema of all referenced elements)

It is my understanding that if the answer to Issue WSRF13 (Should we require
service and port in the EPR?) is yes, then we have covered this request.

I suggest we link this request to WSRF13, and flag it so that if we decide
NO, we notify WSDM that we punted it back to them.

Bryan: Please queue this for the New Issues discussion on Monday week.


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