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Subject: Proposal on [Disc04]

Hi all,

As promised, here is a proposal for [Disc04].

> [Disc04]
> From one manageability endpoint to other manageability 
> endpoints of the same resource (to discover all the
> manageability capabilities offered), including endpoints
> from the same and different manageability Providers.
> We discussed that one 2 weeks ago but didn't talk about
> any way to address it yet.

This proposal too rests on using relationships. It is simply to create a
special relationship type, called something like "sameResource" or
"alternateManageabilityRepresentation". A Ws-Resource representing
resource foo will advertise this relationship between itself and the
other known WS-Resources that also represent foo.

Simple and clean, don't you think?

Therefore I propose we also hibernate this issue with the assumption
that relationships will provide the right mechanism (of course, to be
validated once we actually have relationships).


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