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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Terms being used in WSDM

Tom Maguire wrote:
Fred Carter <fred.carter@amberpoint.com> wrote on 05/27/2004 05:02:59 PM:
Thus quoth Tom Maguire (~ 27-May-04 1:28 PM ~)...
John DeCarlo <jdecarlo@mitre.org> wrote on 05/27/2004 02:43:01 PM:
+1 to the notion.  -1 to "Managed":  managed is a verb; manageable is
adjective.  Describing a noun/thing with a verb seems incorrect. In any
it seems like a pedantic argument since the definition of manageable is
"capable of being managed".
I'm not going to be too picky about the final term.  However, w.r.t.
parts of speech ;-)  "Managed" can be either a verb or an adjective in
common usage -- I am a managed person (alternatively, a person who is
managed), though my manager may debate whether I am manageable.

Alternative examples: /Managed/ {fund, bonds, currency}, /Managed/
[health] care, /Managed/ lane (HOV lane).  I might humbly suggest an
accidental find (via "google" for "managed adjective" :-) )


I might suggest, as well, that the term "managed object" used as a noun
does not imply the "managed" is used as an adjective from a part of
speech perspective.  In all of the traditional dictionaries I checked
"managed" was always a verb. Any term where managed was used in
conjunction with a noun both words together were refered to as a
noun.  For instance, "managed object", "managed care", "managed fund"
were refered together as a noun; not an adjective and a noun.

That being said, when I hear "managed" it also implies to me that it is
currently being managed.  However, the existence of a resource does not
imply to me that it is being actively "managed" but rather the existence
implies that it is now "capable of being managed".  That is why I prefer
manageable not managed.

But it is, as well, just my point of view
+1....wheww....flashbacks from college english 30 years ago....terms like "managed object"  where given a term of  "noun-noun" phrases...and were to be eliminated from assignments.  (That first semester, a dozen red bic pens bled dry upon my papers :-).  Noun-noun (and the all too common noun-noun-noun phrase) are frequently used in technical literature.  Where's my copy of Strunk & White?

I believe that an object, or resource, is manageable, not managed.  A "sysop manages objects",  a "sysop managed objects" , and not, a "sysop <verbs> managed objects".  An object is either manageable (capable of being managed), or, an object is actually being managed.  Just because an object is made manageable does not mean it is being managed.  (Just as a vehicle is "drive-able" does not mean it is being driven.).  There would need to be an entity (e.g. a driver) making requests, and performing other management operations on an object for it to be a "managed object".  In other words, for an object that is managed, there are artifacts of the management activity, like collected metrics.

And, AFAIK, "managed care" is a poster icon for how to mangle both the english language and the health care system....just my two cents...



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