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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Proposal on [Disc04]

+1 to hibernating this one until we actually have relationships.

comments inline below

"Vambenepe, William N" <vbp@hp.com> wrote on 05/28/2004 06:21:28 PM:

> Hi all,
> As promised, here is a proposal for [Disc04].
> > [Disc04]
> > From one manageability endpoint to other manageability
> > endpoints of the same resource (to discover all the
> > manageability capabilities offered), including endpoints
> > from the same and different manageability Providers.
> > We discussed that one 2 weeks ago but didn't talk about
> > any way to address it yet.
> This proposal too rests on using relationships. It is simply to create a
> special relationship type, called something like "sameResource" or
> "alternateManageabilityRepresentation". A Ws-Resource representing
> resource foo will advertise this relationship between itself and the
> other known WS-Resources that also represent foo.
> Simple and clean, don't you think?

Yep, one comment (I promise). This feels more like multiple roles on the
same resource as opposed to multiple entities having relationships with
one another.  The distinction, I believe, would be the contract wrt
In the case of multiple roles on the same entity the lifecycles of the
roles would be bounded by the lifecycle of the resource.  That is not
true in the case of multiple entities that are in a relationship.  But
this is a discussion we should have in the context of the relationship


T o m   M a g u i r e

STSM, On Demand Architecture
Poughkeepsie, NY  12601

internet:                 tmaguire@us.ibm.com
phone:                     845.433.9401 (t/l 293-9401)

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