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Subject: Two requirements from WSDM

Dear WSMFers,

Here are two more requirements from your friends and customers in the

- In the part of WS-RP that deals with sending notifications when a
property is modified, WSDM would like a topic to be defined that can be
used to register for notification when any of the properties changes (or
at least any of these for which notification is available). As opposed
to having to register for each and every property by using the
corresponding topic.

- Still in WS-RP, WSDM would like to be provided a way to retrieve a
list of the properties currently available with the WS-Resource (so we
know which ones of the optional properties are available and what other
properties might be available that do not appear explicitly in the
schema of the resource properties document).

As a heads up, WSDM might decide to submit a related requirement
regarding the ability to retrieve the schema of a "dynamic" property
(one that is not explicitly listed in the schema of the resource
properties document) but this is still being discussed inside WSDM.



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