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Subject: Groups - WSDM-OGSA F2F Joint session added

WSDM-OGSA F2F Joint session has been added by Heather Kreger (kreger@us.ibm.com).

Date:  Wednesday, 18 August 2004
Time:  01:00pm - 06:00pm Eastern Time

Event Description:
Joint F2F with OGSA. 
Location: nearby, TBD

Hiro- You can download the document form:https://forge.gridforum.org/projects/ogsa-wg/document/draft-ggf-ogsa-spec/en/ or http://tinyurl.com/64fsbIn this document we explain that OGSA will use WSDM manageability
interface of entities or resources in the Grid system. (see. 3.6
resource management services). Also, there are several references
to WSDM in the EMS services (3.4.3).



View event details:

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