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Subject: RE: [wsdm] Next F2F proposal

Did anyone respond to Homayoun's question? Can we confirm travel reservations for the F2F? Where exactly in Boston will it be held? Any recommended hotels?
Also, yes I can maintain a list of testable interactions for the interop.

From: Homayoun Pourheidari [mailto:homayoun@bea.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 1:00 PM
Cc: wsdm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [wsdm] Next F2F proposal


At the call today, I got a bit confused regarding the next f2f and where it will take place.  Is it definitely going to take place in and around Boston?  If so, are we pretty much committed to the dates 10/20 noon to 10/22 noon?  I realize that the venue for the meeting is still undecided.

I need to make some plans around these dates and it would be good to nail them down asap.


Heather Kreger wrote:

Hi Folks,
I think we had a very successful (and invigorating) F2F this week. I'm glad it was so well attended. A few things to catch those who had to leave early...

I will send out minutes, action items, and issues tomorrow.

Next F2F
At the F2F yesterday we decided to have our next WSDM F2F in Boston on the other half of the WS-Utiltiy WG's F2F week October 20-22. If there is a deadly conflict for many that week, please speak up!
We are looking for a host! So if you can host in Boston, please speak up!

Next Interop
We decided on the following timeline for our next Interops in 1Q04. We planned an internal (WSDM only) and external interop.

• Identify dependent Spec levels for platforms Nov (w/ Spec)
• Scenario end year
• Ongoing external endpoints w/ virtual interops
• Internal Date 1.0 Mid Feb
• External Date March? (next available public event)

We also thought that it might be valuable to keep an ongoing document of interactions that should be testable and should work based on work progressing in the MOWS and MUST specs (i.e. we could start adding relationships and notificaitons soon).
Is Mike Clements willing to maintain this document and keep interop on schedule for us?

Specifications committee draft due end November.
We must start working in parallel subteams with concrete proposal to critique and fix. I have issued invitations for 3 subteams. We also started a metadata identification subteam (Heather lead) and the relationships subteam (Igor lead)will continue. New function should be kicked off with concrete proposals from an interested member or as the result of the initial subteam discussion.
We need to be close to completing initial technical content by the end of September.

Heather Kreger
STSM, Web Services Lead Architect for SWG Emerging Technologies
Author of "Java and JMX: Building Manageable Systems"
919-543-3211 (t/l 441) cell:919-496-9572

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