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Subject: RE: [wsdm] Groups - Manageability Capabilities.091004.doc uploaded

Since I probably won't be able to be on the call tomorrow, I thought I
should send my thoughts ahead of time about this.

The short version is: this is a bad idea and, if we have to address
this, Igor's proposal
(http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/wsdm/200407/msg00032.html) is better
even though it too is too complex.

Some more info:

- Discovery of capabilities really means "tell me what I can do with
this manageable resource" and this in practice means "tell me what
properties, operations and events are available". If a "foo"
capabilities defines optional "bar1", "bar2" and "bar3" properties,
knowing that a manageable resource supports the "foo" capability is not
very actionable. What is actionable is knowing what properties can be
accessed and whether they are read-only or read-write. This is already

- WSDM is long and complex enough to read (not to implement but to
read). There is a high price in adding more concepts and I don't think
it is worth it here.

- Even if we were to do something like this, doing it through "marker"
portTypes with no operations is the wrong way. We have to keep a clear
understanding of what the different pieces of metadata are for. A WSDL
portType is metadata that describes the format of the messages that will
go on the wire. Period. It is not about making statements about the
implementation of the Web service. If you want to make such statements,
you make them as policy or other non-WSDL (and non-XSD) policy format
that is designed for this.

- So if the group really wants to do this we can do it either through
the upcoming metadata support from WSRF or by adding a property. That
second option is what Igor's message describes.

- If we go this way, let's not bite the bullet of defining a taxonomy as
Igor suggests in his email. Please. Let's just attach one URI to each
capability we describe and provide a property that lists the
capabilities as a list of URIs. Period.

- I agree with Igor's statement at the end of his message that we don't
need this for 1.0. So my preference is to not have anything along this
(or rather have what we currently have, portTypes and properties that
can be introspected).

Sorry if this is a bit long and has a bunch of "if then" but since I am
not sure which direction the conversation is going to go  tomorrow I
wanted to give enough information on my position so that it is relevant
whatever the group leans towards. Please keep it simple.



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Subject: [wsdm] Groups - Manageability Capabilities.091004.doc uploaded

The document Manageability Capabilities.091004.doc has been submitted by
Heather Kreger (kreger@us.ibm.com) to the OASIS Web Services Distributed
Management TC document repository.

Document Description:
Here is an overdue write up of Manageability Capabilities formalization
to be discussed on our next call. 

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