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Subject: Metadata approach

I suggest that
1) metadata is expressed in the MUWS/MOWS documents where appropriate e.g.
    Capability A section
            propA defines....
                metadata of the propA is
2) WSDM does not make any normative assertions about how the metadata is expressed and accessed
3) The specification composition is used in order to render metadata in XML documents and provide access to it. Partucular domains e.g. WS-CIM and implementations of WSDM manageability endpoint realize such specification composition as necessary.
For example, WSDM + WSRF-MD gives a solution where metadata expressed in WSDM is rendered according to WSRF-MD.
This is not any different than using WS-Policy with WSDM implementations.
4) WSDM specification has a a section such as the followwing
    Representing and accessing metadata
        Specification composition is to be used in order to represent metadata explicitly expressed in this specification.

-- Igor Sedukhin .. (igor.sedukhin@ca.com)
-- (631) 342-4325 .. 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11749


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