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Subject: complex capabilities


I had an action item to provide a proposal for what Heather calls 
"complex capabilities".  Additionally, I describe how they are related 
to the FCAPS categories.

Attached is a first attempt.  Cheers,

FCAPS is an acronym for a categorical model of the working objectives
of network management defined by ISO.  The characters in FCAPS
represent five management categories: Fault, Configuration,
Accounting, Performance, and Security.

WSDM supports FCAPS by providing capabilities that match either
one-to-one or in combination to the categories provided by FCAPS.
These capabilities provide a more descriptive set of information that
a managed resource can expose and a manager can provide.  These
WSDM capabilities are:

Monitoring - Monitor the state, health, and usage information.  The
type of information that is captured in this category can be shared
with end users.  Aspects of FCAPS Fault and Accounting Management are
supported through this capability.

Control - Access to operations that allow changes to the state of
managed resources.  For example, start, stop, restart.  This
capability supports aspects of the FCAPS Fault and Accounting

Discovery - Attributes and Operations that provide how a managed
resource is related to other managed resources and what events are
provided to support the various life cycle aspects of a managed
resource.  Distribution aspects of the FCAPS Account Management can be
supported through this capability.

Performance - Overall performance of the network or application.
Access to metrics proprieties, and the operations and notifications
that effect them.  This maps directly to the FCAPS performance
management category.

Configuration - Captures information related to provisioning of
resources based on an overall performance of the network or
application.  This maps directly to the FCAPS configuration
management category.

Security - Captures primarily information about security of management
information (e.g. use this kind of encryption when interacting with
me).  It should also additionally include information about management
of security (e.g. what should be done if my private key is
compromised).  This capability does not cover all that is included in
the FCAPS security category as the scope of WSDM is limited only to
the management protocol.  However, a management solution can use this
capability in addition to channel based security requirements
(e.g. HTTPS, etc.) to address what is offered through the FCAPS
security category.
fn:Homayoun Pourheidari
org:WebLogic Integration
adr;dom:;;2315 North First St.;San Jose;CA;95131
tel;work:+1 408.570.8175

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