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Subject: Question about definition of ComponentAddressType in wsdm-muws-part1.xsd.

Dear, WSDM-TC members

I have a question about a definition of "ComponentAddressType" in the
# I also posted a same comment via public web page of WSDM-TC. But it didn't
post to WSDM-TC mailing list yet.

In wsdm-muws-part1.xsd, "ComponentAddressType" is defined as follows,

 <xs:complexType name="ComponentAddressType">
       <xs:any namespace="##other" processContents="lax"/>

According to the this definition,
"muws-p1-xs:ManageabilityEndpointReference" MUST not be value of
"ComponentAddressType" because its definition excludes the target namespace
of wsdm-muws-part1.xsd (is muws-p1-xs).

I think that it conflict with the description of
"SourceComponent/ComponentAddress" in the document of
cd-wsdm-muws-part1-1.0.pdf (Line 478 - 483).

478 muws-p1-xs:ManagementEvent/muws-p1-xs:SourceComponent/muws-p1-
479 xs:ComponentAddress/{any}: XML open content including any XML
representation of the 
480 component address. One commonly used address type is a Web service
address, such as an
481 EPR as defined by [WS-Addressing]. In the case where the source is a
manageable resource, it
482 is RECOMMENDED that the muws-p1-xs:ManageabilityEndpointReference
element, as defined
483 in section 4.2, be used as the address type. 

Especially, description of line 482 to 483 means "ComponentAddress" MAY have
a "ManageabilityEndpointReference"

So, to avoid this confliction, my suggestion is to modify the definition of
"ComponentAddressType" as follows,

 <xs:complexType name="ComponentAddressType">
       <xs:element ref="muws-p1-xs:ManageabilityEndpointReference"/>
       <xs:any namespace="##other" processContents="lax"/>

Or change the namespace="##any" in the <xs:any ..../> line.

Mitsunori SATOMI (mailto:Mitsunori.Satomi@hds.com)
  Director, Advanced Software Architect
    Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 

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