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Subject: WSDM TC request toapprove WSDM 1.0 as OASIS Standard

The WSDM Technical Committee met today to discuss the results of voting on WSDM 1.0.  There were 73 votes cast, of which 66 were positive and 7 were negative.
We had a quorum (23 of 26 voting members), and we discussed the comments on the YES and NO votes in depth. The No votes were fundamentally about the same issue of dependencies on other specifications and not technical in nature. We came to a consensus that the specification could not be changed to remove the objection and WSDM is an an important enough standard for the industry to continue to proceed to an OASIS standard status as it is. We voted (22 in favor, 1 opposed) to proceed with taking the WSDM 1.0 specification to standard.

FYI, Out of respect for the opposing companies, we have crafted a TC response to the issue to share with them.

Thank you,
Heather Kreger

STSM, SWG Standards, IBM

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