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Subject: Public demo/interop scenario discussion

During last week's Thursday call, there was discussion regarding the scenario for a public interop/demo to occur in the June timeframe. The venue has not yet been settled. I volunteered to take the pen on writing up a scenario.

Step one, we need to settle on the outline for the scenario.

- Provide a compelling scenario which illustrates WSDM's usefulness to analysts and the press.
- Show that having an interoperable standard supported by multiple vendors can accomplish more than proprietary interfaces.

Inventory of resource types that we can work with.
- Blackberry provided by IBM
- Server provided by Dell
- Web services provided by several vendors including HP, CA, IBM, others etc. Sorry I don't have the complete list.

The demo could consist of isolated scenarios illustrating particular functions, or it could be a single scenario tied together through multiple vendors, or a combination of both. The consensus on the call seemed to lean towards a single scenario tying in multiple vendors. This is more complex to implement because of the coordination required, but is a more compelling illustration of the value of interoperability.

The discussed scenario is as follows:
  1. Premise is that the Blackberry typically invokes a web service (Weather station) to obtain information. Multiple servers are available which host multiple weather station web service instances.
  2. A manager is monitoring the response time of various weather station instances.
  3. A manager (maybe the same manager or another one) is monitoring the CPU utilization of one or more servers. The metric being monitored must be something which indicates a slowdown of the server, not a failure of the server. Failure of the server would likely mean that metrics are not available from it.
  4. The Blackberry has subscribed to events from a management provider(?) which indicate which web service instance to use.
  5. The server currently being used to access the weather station web service becomes heavily loaded with high CPU utilization.
  6. A manager detects the high CPU utilization situation. It obtains response time metrics from other weather station instances. Based on the response times received, it sends a notification to the Blackberry informing it of the weather station instance with the fastest response time.
  7. As a corollary, one or more additional weather station instances may come on-line during the scenario. A management provider sends out an advertisement that this new resource is available. The manager is able to dynamically add knowledge of this new resource and add it to the mix when determining the replacement weather station instance to use.

This demo consists of WSDM messages exchanges between multiple vendors and disparate resource types, providing a solution that could not have been accomplished with a proprietary protocol. This is not much different from load balancing, just using WSDM to do it.

- Dell indicated during the call that they would be unlikely to be able to bring a second server. Therefore some other vendor needs to support server management capabilities. At a minimum this is whatever metric is the trigger to indicate server slowdown, ie CPU utilization. Could be a laptop, although a "server" maybe more impressive.
- Initial discovery. How will the manager(s) know what resources are available?
- Who does the Blackberry subscribe to for notification of the server slowdown? There are multiple management providers and no coordination point other than the managers.
- Are there other capabilities that are important to show? The demo should not be too long or complicated, but should highlight the more important WSDM features.
- The scenario assumes that one of the web service resource providers is managing a web service resource on the Dell server. This may require coordination if using the same infrastructure (.Net), or multiple stacks should be able to coexist on the same server, ie .Net, Java as long as the ports do not conflict.
- WSDM event format seems like an important feature to show. Not clear if this scenario uses it sufficiently.

David Melgar
Web Services Toolkit Development
Emerging Technologies

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