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Subject: Hitachi's Participation in the next Public Interop Demo

Hitachi is thinking of participating in the next Public Interop Demo.
We will provide an additional manageable web service endpoint and its
manageability endpoint.
(i.e. Weather Station service and MOWS service which are not hosted on the
primary (failing) server)

I'm not sure if we have to run those 2 services on the Dell server or not.
I suppose that it is not necessary for the failover server (i.e. the server
to which requests are redirected) to be a manageable resource.
So we will provide our services on our own machine (which doesn't support
any manageability capabilities).


Hideharu Kato
2nd Research Dept.
Hitachi,Ltd.,Systems Development Laboratory
E-mail : hideharu@sdl.hitachi.co.jp
Tel : +81-44-959-0248
Fax : +81-44-959-0853

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