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Subject: [wsdm] Question about example of Sec. 4.6 Metrics

Hi Fred and folks,

I have one question about the example of "4.6 Metrics" in

Line #4770 to #4796, e.g. mows-xs:ServiceTime is a "Interval" type metric
(not SinceReset) because it has a Duration attribute.
And its attributes are written as follows in this example,

 ResetAt      = "2005-06-14T14:24:58.2181944-04:00"
 Duration      ="PT24.621S"

I think that LastUpdated - ResetAt will be nearly equal to the Duration
But these values of example break this relationship.

(And mows-xs:CurrentTime is "2005-06-14T14:25:21.6589722-04:00".)

In this example CurrentTime - ResetAt is nearly equal to the Duration, 
so value of LastUpdated will be adjusted near time of CurrentTime or
Duration should be corrected.

And I'd like to clarify the meaning of "ResetAt" value in case of

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