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wsdm message

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Subject: Metadata specification

The WSRF TC currently does not have an editor for the
WS-ResourceMetadataDescriptor specification which WSDM is referencing
for use with metadata in the primer. The WSRF TC does not intend to
further the development of this specification unless/until an editor is
found. Furthermore, if an editor is not found, the TC may at some point
decide to officially drop the development of the spec. The spec has not
been updated since the TC made decisions to strip out operations
metadata, and thus its current state is the more broad definition that
WSDM was originally expecting.

Possible reactions by WSDM:
1) Someone from the WSDM TC could join WSRF and volunteer to be the
2) WSRF could transfer responsibility for the spec to WSDM.
3) WSDM could pursue an alternate mechanism for metadata.


A similar note will be sent to the WSRF TC and the Grid community via
the OGSA group. Let me know what the WSDM TC would like to do regarding
this development.


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