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Subject: Comments on MUWS Primer

A couple of comments of the MUWS Primer (version 19) from a CA colleague:



Should there be a short chapter up front to make a basic introduction to the concept behind the WSDM standard, even at the expense of repeating what’s already in the WSDM specification documents? The way it is now, it is difficult for someone not having read the WSDM spec to start on this document. If it is to stay the way it is now, a clear statement ought to be made upfront stating that the WSDM specifications are prerequisite readings. To me, the term “Primer” usually implies no prerequisite reading is necessary, though.

KDW:  I have responded to this comment, and sent the respondent a copy of the Introduction.



It would be real nice to explain in plain English the manageability example used in the rest of this document upfront. For example, describing the properties of the PDA device, as well as the manageability capabilities to be implemented will give the reader a sense of the scope and how realistic is this example. Also, it would be nice to describe the “best practice” procedure to MUWS enable a resource as applied in this example. Right now, to gain this understanding, I have to either read a good part of this document or take a guess by looking at the TOC.

KDW:  Perhaps we should write up a scenario to unify the presentation.



Kirk Wilson
Computer Associates

Architect, Development
Office of the CTO
Tele: + 1 802 765-4337
Fax:   + 1 802 765-4339


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