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Subject: WS-RMD Requirements draft

The WSDM TC would like to discuss the following requirements for the WS-RMD specification with WS-RF.

1) WSDM needs the scope of this document to apply to the entire ws-resource and not just the properties of the resource
     The WS-RF TC is about a framework for WS Resources.  These ws-resources are Web services and have more than properties, they also have operations.  They may also eventually have policies and agreements and who knows what the future may bring.  It is appropriate for the scope of the WS-RMD specification to be the same as that for the WS-RF TC, for a WS-Resource.

2)WSDM needs an any extension point back in the WS-RMD document.
    WSDM needs the ability to add management metadata on non-property components, for example on relationships, notifications, and of course operations
    We also anticipate that there will be a need to describe metadata on other kinds of aspects of ws-resources,  like associated policies or agreements.
    We believe that if WS-RMD did not allow extension then other communities/specs that have metadata requirements will invent thier own metadata documents and we'll end up with sets of overlapping and disconnected metadata documents about the same ws-resource.  We do not think that WSDM should define thier own metadata document format to cover all other aspects of WS-Resource metadata EXCEPT properties.

3) WSDM needs an operation metadata component element in WSRMD.
    Since the RMD document describes metadata on a ws-resource, then it should include the ability to provide metadata on both interface aspects: properties AND operations.
    WSDM has a number of metadata information that needs to be described for operations, including valid while, postState, capability,  
    We can also envision putting the dialects of queries supported here as well.
    We would like 'Idemptotency' standardization provided by WS-RF since it can be used by all clients, not just management clients.  Clients would find this a usefull attribute so act appropriately when no response on an operation is received, i.e. re-issue operation or send an event.
     The Operation component in the submission WS-RMD is an appropriate starting place for defining this component.

WSDM-ites, please comment/approve.  I will send to RF Friday at 5pm ET.

Heather Kreger
STSM, Web Services Lead Architect for SWG Emerging Technologies
Author of "Java and JMX: Building Manageable Systems"
919-543-3211 (t/l 441)  cell:919-496-9572

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