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Subject: ServiceGroup schema change

WSDM and WSN colleagues, at the last WSRF telecon we resolved to fix WSRF
issue 157, pertaining to the ServiceGroup XML schema, as follows:
1. In the ContentType type definition, change the xsd:any namespace
attribute from "##any" to "##other", thereby constraining the namespace
choice for this optional extensability element.
2. The fix will be made to the sg-2 schema without bumping the version
number. A note will be sent to the WSDM and WSN groups to inform them of
the change.

The change was considered to be non-substantive and not to require a new
version of the ServiceGroup schema in a new namespace. The will have an
impact on existing implementations only if they define an extensability
element for this type in the ServiceGroup namespace.

Ian Robinson
STSM, WebSphere Messaging and Transactions Architect
IBM Hursley Lab, UK

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