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Subject: FW: New Metric Examples for the MUWS Primer



At the recent face-to-face, we had some extensive discussions about metrics.  There will be some changes to the explanation of metrics in the MUWS Part 2 specification, but for the most part, it was deemed that the MUWS Primer is the primary place to provide (non-normative) explanations and examples of metrics.  Consequently, the group undertook to define a boarder range of examples that would illustrate types of metrics.


As a result I undertook some major rewriting of the Metrics discussion in the MUWS Primer, which I’m attaching here for your review before it is integrated into the whole Primer.  I would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and/or corrections   Please note that the MUWS Primer had already been revised to use metrics as bridge for discussion capability extension, notifications, and metadata.  Thus, the revision had to made to a number sections.  In the attached, as you will notice, I cut out the general discussion on these topics and kept only the examples relevant to the metrics scenario.  Hopefully, that strategy will help focus your review.


If possible, I would like comments back by the EOD on the 23rd.  I’ve promised to get a completed draft of the MUWS Primer uploaded to the site on the 28th.


Kirk Wilson
Architect, Development

Office of the CTO

802 765-4337



MUWS Primer Metrics.doc

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