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wsfed-comment message

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Subject: 9 corrections for ws-federation-1.2-spec-ed-04.doc

in reference to: ws-federation-1.2-spec-ed-04.doc

line 746:   Psuedonyms
correction: Pseudonyms
[typing error in the diagram]

line 808+:   fed:AutomaticPseudonyms
correction: fed:AutomaticPseudonyms,
[comma missing]

line 808+:   fed:TokenIssuerEndpoint
correction: fed:TokenIssuerEndpoint,
[comma missing]

line 1097: Eachendpoint
correction: Each endpoint
[one space is missing between]

line 1633:  <fed:SignOutBasis ...>...<fed:SignOutBasis>
correction: <fed:SignOutBasis ...>...</fed:SignOutBasis>
[slash missing]

line 2787:  </priv:FaultOnUnacceptedRstParameters>
correction:  </priv:FaultOnUnacceptedRstParameters>
[one space in front of the tag is missing]

line 2789:  ...
correction:   ...
[two spaces in front of the dots are missing]

line 2790:  <priv:EnumerateAllClaims ...>
correction: </priv:EnumerateAllClaims ...>
[slash missing]

line 2837:  </priv:PrivacyPolicyEndpoint
correction: </priv:PrivacyPolicyEndpoint>
[angle bracket missing]

Norbert Silberhorn

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