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Subject: WSFED TC issues list process

 Pursuant to the TC’s decision to adopt the issues list process in use in the WS-SX TC, that process, adapted for use in the WSFED TC,  is described below. 
Issues life cycle
 Raising an issue:
- Issue is raised in email, with a description, indication of which document and draft the issue targets, and a proposed resolution if possible (one issue per email)
- Issue is assigned a number (in sequence), logged, and assigned a status of “new” (see below) by the issues list coordinators
- TC member raising the issue is assigned as initial owner
- Issue is discussed via the TC list and in conference calls / f2f meetings as determined by the co-chairs, based on priorities set by the TC
- Ownership of the issue may be transferred to another TC member if appropriate.  Originator will be maintained in history.
 Issue status:
·    New
Opened, but not yet accepted by the TC.  The co-chairs will schedule it on a meeting agenda as appropriate to determine whether it is accepted or dropped.  We’ve agreed to set a low bar for issues, so this status is not intended to imply that a lengthy discussion of each issue is required to determine if it is accepted or not.  This status implies that the TC has not reviewed to verify that the issue is not a duplicate, etc.
·    Active 
Accepted by the TC as an issue.  In discussion.
 ·    Deferred 
Accepted by the TC as an issue.  Discussion deferred (based on priorities, how this issue relates to others, etc.).
 ·    Pending 
TC has agreed on a resolution.  Conference call or F2F minutes should reflect the agreement and decision.  In the editors’ queue to be applied to the target document.
 ·    Review
Editors have applied the agreed resolution to the document.  The draft the issue is applied in will be tracked.
·    Closed
TC has voted to approve the change by voting to accept the draft to which the change was applied, determined it is a duplicate, or no action is required. The reason it was closed will also be tracked.
Submitting an issue
Send an email proposing the issue using the following template:
Subject:  NEW Issue:   [descriptive title]
To:  wsfed@lists.oasis-open.org;
Cc:  gregcarp@microsoft.com
The issues coordinators will notify the list when that has occurred.
 Protocol:  wsfed
[Please include name and link to the document referenced, e.g.,  ws-federation-wd-03 http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsfed/ws-federation/yyyymm/ws-federation-wd-03.pdf ]
Artifact:  spec / soap / wsdl / schema / policy / all
 Type: [admin / design / editorial]
[concise summary of the issue]
[Optional detailed description if helpful or required. Please include section and line numbers where possible.]
 Related issues:
[numbers of related issues, if any]
Proposed Resolution:
[proposed resolution and text if appropriate (including section and line numbers indicating where the text would be inserted or what it would replace)]  
I will pick the issue up and give it a number (in sequence), assigning the individual who submitted the email as owner of the issue. I will send an email to the list with the issue number once it is assigned.  Subsequent mail threads should use the Issue xxx:  format in the subject line, where ‘xxx’ is the issue number.   
Please include only one issue per email and do not engage in discussing the issue until it is assigned a number so we don’t have multiple impossible to distinguish ‘NEW Issue’ threads on the list.
Issues tracking mechanism
 The tracking  mechanism uses XML/XSL, based on the WS-SX TC list  mechanism (http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/issues/Issues.xml)
I’ll request the following  location from OASIS for WS-SX:
 At the issue level, the following will be tracked:
·    Number
·    Status
·    Protocol
·    Artifact
·    Type
·    Title
·    Description
·    Related Issues
·    Origin (originator and link to originating email)
·    Owner
·    Proposal “x” (one for each proposal)
·    Resolution (e.g., Proposal “x” accepted on [link to conf call / f2f meeting notes detailing the acceptance]
I will update the issue list so that it is current prior to every TC call or F2F.

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