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Subject: Fw: [wsfed] WSFED TC Minutes, June 26 2007 - Correction

WSFED TC Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 26 June 2007

2007-06-26: Updated to correct problem where Christopher Ferris was incorrectly reported as Lost Voting rights (due to inactivity) and also that he attended the meeting.  He did attend the meeting and was, in fact, one of the last members joining which pushed us over quorum at the beginning of the meeting.  

1. Call to order/roll call

         Roll call begun. Chairs Chris Kaler, Michael McIntosh in attendance.
                        Secretary: Abbie Barbir, Marc Goodner, Greg Carpenter also in attendance.
         Quorum of voting members reached. Meeting called to order.

Status Change
1. Lost Voting Status
Steve Anderson , BMC
Atul Tulshibagwale,  HP
Mr. Doug Davis , IBM
Maryann Hondo , IBM
Mr. Don Schmidt , M/S
Mr. Robin Martherus , Ping Identity
Mr. Jonathan Marsh , WSO2
Mr Christopher Ferris , IBM
Dr. Toufic Boubez , Layer 7

2. Gained Voting Status
Mr. Jeff Bohren , BMC
Kelvin Lawrence  , IBM
Tony Gullotta  , SOA
Kimberly Pease;Active Endpoints, Inc.
Gene Thurston;AmberPoint
Hal Lockhart;BEA Systems, Inc.
Denis Pilipchuk;BEA Systems, Inc.
Jeff Bohren;BMC Software*
Yakov Sverdlov;CA*
Christopher Ferris;IBM
Mike Kaiser;IBM
Kelvin Lawrence;IBM
Michael McIntosh;IBM
Anthony Nadalin;IBM
Larry Rogers;Lockheed Martin*
Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation
Colleen Evans;Microsoft Corporation
Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation
Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation
Arun Nanda;Microsoft Corporation
Abbie Barbir;Nortel
Paul Knight;Nortel
Lloyd Burch;Novell*
Steve Carter;Novell*
Doug Earl;Novell*
Anil Saldhana;Red Hat
Tony Gullotta;SOA Software Inc.
Kent Spaulding;Tripod Technology Group, Inc.

2. Reading/Approving minutes from June 19, 2007 [1]

  Meeting Minutes approved unanimously.

3. TC Logistics

        No meeting next week.

4. Issues list [2]


   - Actions

   - Issues
  Issues i001,i002,i003 Proposed to be closed. No dissenting votes, therefore, issues 001, 002 and 003 are now closed.
i001 - OASIS formatted specs- Status changed to CLOSED.
i002 - OASIS spec version - Status changed to CLOSED.
i003 - OASIS WSFED namespaces - Status changed to CLOSED.
i004 - Transitive closure spec dependencies
Is still pending, no additional info.
i005 - Complex claim data types
                Need more time to work on this one.  Observation: The description needs to be corrected. This will be corrected.
i006 - WSFED FAQ
                Hal: No progress yet. Target for first draft to be available by next meeting in two weeks (July 10th,2007).
i007 - Claim Type references
                Marc: Marc Goodner to follow up with Don before next meeting.
i008 - Sign-out notification and priority
                Paul Lesov: Paul not on call.  We don't fully understand this issue yet. Still need to contact Paul for detail.

No new Issues.

5. Other business

 Question was raised as to who will update WSFED TC Public page to include link to issues list.  Mike McIntosh indicated that he will update link on Public web page to point to Issues list over the next few days.

 Comment made that Security Policy ballot is still open. Those whose companies had not yet voted were encouraged to do so.

6. Adjournment
 Motion made to adjourn. Seconded and unanimously approved. Meeting Adjourned.

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsfed/email/archives/200706/msg00049.html
[2] http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsfed/issues/Issues.xml

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