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Subject: RE: [wsfed] WSFED TC Minutes, July 10th 2007

Hi everyone,
  Just a slight correction - quorum is *more* than half, so with 26 voting members, quorum would be 14.
From the TC Process:
(y) "Quorum" is the number of Voting Members of a TC that must be present in a meeting so that Resolutions and decisions may be made. The Quorum for OASIS TC meetings is a simple majority (more than half) of Voting Members.

From: Mike Kaiser [mailto:mkaiser@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 2:20 PM
To: wsfed@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Michael McIntosh; Chris Kaler; Greg Carpenter
Subject: [wsfed] WSFED TC Minutes, July 10th 2007

WSFED TC Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Summary of new Action Items:
Action: Chairs to cancel the 7/17/2007 WSFED TC meeting.  Next meeting will be 7/24.

1. Call to order/roll call          
        Roll call begun. Chairs: Chris Kaler, Michael McIntosh in attendance.
       Secretary: Abbie Barbir, Marc Goodner, Greg Carpenter also in attendance.
    Quorum of voting members reached. Meeting called to order.

Lost Voting Status

Paul Cotton, M/S
Sidd Shenoy, M/S
Hanane Becha, Nortel
Marco Carugi, Nortel
David Staggs, Veterans Health


We now have 26 voting members, quorum is at 13

Attendance for July 10th, 2007 WSFED TC Meeting.
Gene Thurston;AmberPoint
Will Hopkins;BEA Systems, Inc.
Hal Lockhart;BEA Systems, Inc.
Denis Pilipchuk;BEA Systems, Inc.
Yakov Sverdlov;CA*
Mike Kaiser;IBM
Kelvin Lawrence;IBM
Michael McIntosh;IBM
Anthony Nadalin;IBM
Larry Rogers;Lockheed Martin*
Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation
Colleen Evans;Microsoft Corporation
Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation
Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation
Arun Nanda;Microsoft Corporation
Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation
Abbie Barbir;Nortel
Paul Knight;Nortel
Lloyd Burch;Novell*
Steve Carter;Novell*
Doug Earl;Novell*
Robin Martherus;Ping Identity Corporation*
Tony Gullotta;SOA Software Inc.
Gerry Woods;SOA Software Inc.
Don Adams;TIBCO Software Inc.

2. Reading/Approving minutes from June 26, 2007 [1]
Note was made regarding the update that was made and posted concerning Chris Ferris' voting rights.  Chris attended the June 26th meeting but shortly afterwards requested to be moved from Voting to non-Voting member.
Meeting Minutes (as previously posted) approved unanimously.

3. TC Logistics
Mike McIntosh will not be able to attend the next meeting (now scheduled for 7/24/2007).  
Chris Kaler will chair the next meeting.
        The Issues list link has been placed on the TC Page.

4. Issues list [2]

  - Actions

AI-2007-06-19-01 - Abbie to forward conference bridge details to Mike McIntosh to incorporate into the agenda.
Action: Conference room bridge action item was resolved, this action item will be moved to Closed/Completed state.

AI-2007-06-19-02 - Greg to send note to Paul Lesov requesting further clarification of issue i008.
        Action: Greg sent note to Paul.  Paul responded with a detailed note.  
This action will be moved to Closed/Completed state.

   - Issues
i004 - Transitive closure spec dependencies
Won't be started until late July or August time frame.
i005 - Complex claim data types
No update, but Tony had indicated outside the TC meeting that it would be a couple weeks before significant progress could be expected.
i006 - WSFED FAQ
Hal: Need another week.  We will status check on this for the next meeting (7/24/2007)
i007 - Claim Type references
Marc: Hasn't been able to sync up with Don yet. We will status check on this for the next scheduled meeting (7/24/2007).
i008 - Sign-out notification and priority
Greg: New additional information received from Paul and posted to the archives:
People need to look at this before next call (7/24/2007) so that we can decide what to do in order to address the issue.

No new Issues.

5. Other business

Since many folks are not available due to vacations next week, a motion was made and carried to skip next week's meeting (7/17/2007) and meet again on 7/24/2007.
Action: Chairs to cancel the 7/17/2007 WSFED TC meeting and schedule the "next" meeting for 7/24.

6. Adjournment
Motion made to adjourn. Seconded and unanimously approved. Meeting Adjourned.

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsfed/email/archives/200706/msg00049.html
[2] http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsfed/issues/Issues.xml

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