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Subject: WSFED TC Minutes, July 24, 2007

WSFED TC Minutes, July 24, 2007
Summary of new Action Items:
AI-2007-07-24-01 – Chairs: update TC calendar to reflect bi-weekly meeting decision
1. Call to order/roll call
Status Change:
Lost Voting Status :   Jeff Bohren, BMC; Anil Saldhana, RedHat
Gained Voting Status :·       Don Schmidt, M/S; Will Hopkins, BEA; Robin Martherus, Ping Identity
Will Hopkins;BEA Systems, Inc.
Hal Lockhart;BEA Systems, Inc.
Denis Pilipchuk;BEA Systems, Inc.
Mike Kaiser;IBM
Anil John;Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics L...
Larry Rogers;Lockheed Martin*
Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation
Colleen Evans;Microsoft Corporation
Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation
Arun Nanda;Microsoft Corporation
Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation
Norman Brickman;Mitre Corporation*
Abbie Barbir;Nortel
Steve Carter;Novell*
Doug Earl;Novell*
Mary McRae;OASIS *
Rich Levinson;Oracle Corporation
Robin Martherus;Ping Identity Corporation*
Gerry Woods;SOA Software Inc.
Don Adams;TIBCO Software Inc.
Kent Spaulding;Tripod Technology Group, Inc.
David Staggs;Veterans Health Administration
2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting
Adopted unanimously.
3. TC Logistics (10 minutes or less)
The TC will maintain a bi-weekly meeting schedule until further notice.
AI: TC chairs to update meeting calendar to reflect bi-weekly schedule
4. Issues list
a) Review of action items
b) Issues in Review status
c) New issues
d) Active issues
i004 - Transitive closure spec dependencies
In progress. No status change.
i005 - Complex claim data types
In progress. No status change.
i006 - WSFED FAQ
In progress. No status change.
i007 - Claim Type references
In progress. No status change.
i008 - Sign-out notification and priority
Don Schmidt will send email summarizing his comments to the TC list.
f) Pending issues
5. AOB
Larry Rogers: Is it good practice to narrow scope and use MUST/SHALL or is it better to leave things more open?
Chris: MUST/SHALL is sometimes preferable for interopability but limits entensibility and future options.
Hal: Agree – there is no universal answer. If there is a specific instance of a  normative wording issue that specific instance should be brought to the TC for consideration.
Larry: Good, that’s the answer I was hoping for.
Don Schmidt:  The case of an  STS returning sign-out completion messages is a case in point--it is not always possible and a MUST would be too restrictive.
6. Adjournment

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