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Subject: WSFED TC Meeting minutes for September 02, 2008

WSFED TC Meeting minutes for September 02, 2008
       We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call.

Summary of new Action Items:
        ACTION: Marc to write a draft response for PR0002 and
                        circulate.  (See Agenda item #4)

1. Call to order

                - Verify Minute Taker  
                       Mike Kaiser to take minutes.
               - Roll Call

                - Status Change (as of end of meeting):
                       - Gained Voting Status

                        - Lost Voting Status
                                Tony Gullotta;SOA s/w

                - Attendance        
                                Doug Davis;IBM  
                                Mike Kaiser;IBM  
                                Michael McIntosh;IBM  
                                Anthony Nadalin;IBM  
                                Larry Rogers;Lockheed Martin*  
                                Geoff Bullen;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Abbie Barbir;Nortel  
                                Lloyd Burch;Novell*  
                                Steve Carter;Novell*  
                                Doug Earl;Novell*  
                                Rich Levinson;Oracle Corporation  
                                Don Adams;TIBCO Software Inc.

2. Reading/Approving minutes from August 05, 2008 [1]

               - Approved unanimously.

3. TC Logistics

               - Reminder:  
                        The TC meets every two weeks.
                        Public review of Committee Draft is scheduled to conclude on 9/14.

                       The next scheduled meeting is now September 16th, 2008.

4. Issues list [2]

               - Actions
                        No open action items.

               - Issues                  
                       i015 - Non-standardized Normative References
                                Not discussed. Waiting until after Public Review completes
                                to determine what to do with this one.

                        PR0001: Revise federation metadata document structure to eliminate
                                        ambiguities and improve interoperability[3]
                                        Don sent proposal to the list.  If everyone ok we can take
                                        to Pending.

                                       No further discussion needed.

                                        No objections noted to accepting by unanimous consent.

                                        ACTION: Marc to incorporate the agreed to changes for
                                                PR0001 into CD and change state to Pending before
                                                next meeting (9/16/2008).        

                        PR0002: Federation metadata, DNS SRV, and RFC 2782 [4]

                                        A general agreement reached for a "thanks, but no thanks"

                                        ACTION: Marc to write a draft response for PR0002 and

               NEW ISSUES:


5. Other business

                Since the review period cutoff is 9/14 and the next meeting is
                scheduled for 9/16, we should be in good shape to review and
                complete if we don't receive any more comments.  Else we will
                need to discuss any additional comments in addition to reviewing
                the PR0001 changes.                


6. Roll Call Additions

               No additions.

7. Adjournment

               Meeting adjourned.  

[4] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsfed-comment/200807/msg00000.html

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