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Subject: WSFED TC Meeting minutes for September 16, 2008

WSFED TC Meeting minutes for September 16, 2008
       We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call.

Summary of new Action Items:
        ACTION: Marc Goodner to write a draft response for PR0002
                        and circulate.  (See Agenda item #4)
9/16 - This action item is still open.

        ACTION: Tony Nadalin to investigate the old and new
                        XML Signature Syntax and Processing specs and
                        old/new Canonicalization specs to determine
                        if a revision of the existing references or
                        if new references are appropriate in order to
                        maintain backwards compatibility. (See Agenda
                        item #4 - PR0003.)

1. Call to order

                - Verify Minute Taker  
                       Mike Kaiser to take minutes.
               - Roll Call

                - Status Change (as of end of meeting):
                       - Gained Voting Status

                        - Lost Voting Status
                                Tony Gullotta;SOA s/w
                                David Staggs;Veterans Health Admin

                - Attendance        
                                Doug Davis;IBM  
                                Mike Kaiser;IBM  
                                Michael McIntosh;IBM  
                                Anthony Nadalin;IBM  
                                Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation  
                                Lloyd Burch;Novell*  
                                Steve Carter;Novell*  
                                Doug Earl;Novell*  
                                Rich Levinson;Oracle Corporation  
                                Don Adams;TIBCO Software Inc.
                                Kent Spaulding;Tripod Technology Group

2. Reading/Approving minutes from September 02, 2008 [1]

               - Approved unanimously.

3. TC Logistics

               - Reminder:  
                        The TC meets every two weeks.

                       The next scheduled meeting is now September 30th, 2008.

4. Issues list [2]

               - Actions
                        ACTION: From 9/02 WSFED Meeting
Marc to write a draft response for PR0002 and
                                circulate.  (See Agenda item #4)
9/16 - This action item is still open.

               - Issues                  
                       i015 - Non-standardized Normative References
                                Deferred discussion until next meeting after we have
                                fully resolved the PR0001 and PR0003 issues.
                        PR0001: Revise federation metadata document structure to eliminate
                                        ambiguities and improve interoperability[3]
                                Spec revisions have yet to be made. Marc has been busy
                                over the last few weeks and unable to update.  There
                                should be review version out by the next meeting.

                        PR0002: Federation metadata, DNS SRV, and RFC 2782 [4]

                                Per Action Item taken from the September 02 meeting,
                                Marc Goodner was to circulate a draft response to the
                                workgroup for this one.  Marc has been unable to do this
                                prior to today's meeting due to other work obligations.
                                This should be circulated prior to the next scheduled
                                meeting (September 30th, 2008).                


               NEW ISSUES:

                        PR0003: Should WS-Federation references to XML DSig be
                                        updatedto        Edition 2? [5]
                                Received as a public comment:
                                WS-Fed references the original DSig spec. The XML
                                Signature Syntax and Processing spec has moved to
                                Edition 2. It also referenced the original
                                Canonicalization spec, and there's an update for
                                that one too.

                                Two schools of thought were proposed. A) revise
                                current references         to point to the updated
                                specifications, or B) leave old references as is,
                                and add new references to allow for potential URL,
                                namespace or other backward compatibility problem

                                Tony Nadalin took the to-do to investigate whether
                                or not there were any backward compatibility problems
                                such as namespace and URL changes) and report back
                                with a recommendation for A or B at the next WSFED TC
                                meeting (September 30, 2008)
                We have three public review comments. We need to post a response
                for each of these three issues, should we choose to go forward
                with the document.

               One other open issue i0015 which is the long standing normative

                reference issue.  We will defer this one for the moment and
                address it at the next meeting, after Tony comes back with a
                recommendation for PR0003.

                Based on the scope of the three issues, any changes to the review
                spec are expected to be minimal.  Therefore, a shorter (less than
                60 days) review after the changes are cut in should be appropriate.

5. Other business



6. Roll Call Additions

               No additions.

7. Adjournment

               Meeting adjourned.  

[4] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsfed-comment/200807/msg00000.html
[5] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsfed/email/archives/200809/msg00004.html

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