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Subject: WSFED TC Meeting minutes for January 6, 2009

WSFED TC Meeting minutes for January 6, 2009
       We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call.

Summary of new Action Items:
        No new Action Items

1. Call to order

                - Verify Minute Taker  
                       Mike Kaiser to take minutes.
               - Roll Call

                - Status change (as of end of meeting):
                        - Lost voting status
                                Doug Davis;IBM

                        - Gained voting status
                - Attendance
                                 Mike Kaiser;IBM
                                Michael McIntosh;IBM
                                Anthony Nadalin;IBM
                                Larry Rogers;Lockheed Martin        
                                Geoff Bullen;Microsoft Corporation
                                Greg Carpenter;Microsoft Corporation
                                Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation
                                Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation
                                Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation
                                Abbie Barbir;Nortel
                                Lloyd Burch;Novell*
                                Steve Carter;Novell*
                                Doug Earl;Novell*
                                Kent Spaulding;Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited
                                Don Adams;TIBCO Software Inc.
                                David Staggs;Veterans Health Administration

                - Online Chat Room Reminder
                        The meeting will have access to an online chat room at:

2. Reading/Approving minutes from December 9, 2008 [1]
               - Approved unanimously.

3. TC Logistics

               - Reminder:  
                        The next scheduled meeting is now Tuesday, February 17th, 2008.
                        We will not meet on either January 20th or February 3rd (while
                        the Public Review is ongoing).

4. Issues list [2]
                - Actions

               - Issues
NEW ISSUES:                
                        None raised at today's meeting.        

6. Other business

                CD and PR votes.

                MOTION:  Approve the current editor's draft of WS-Federation v1.2
                                (ws-federation-1.2-spec-ed-09.doc) as a Committee Draft

                        Motion made and seconded.
                        No response to request for additional discussion

                Motion APPROVED w/o objection.
                DISCUSSION: Should the public review period be 30 days or 60 days?
                RESOLUTION: Though there were many changes throughout the spec,
                                        collectively they should not require a 60 day review
                                        period. General consensus was that 30 days was more
                                        than more than enough.

                MOTION:  Put  the  Committee Draft of WS-Federation v1.2 approved
                                in the previous motion out for 30 day Public Review

                        Motion made and seconded.
                        No response to request for additional discussion.

                Motion APPROVED w/o objection.
                DISCUSSION: Given that we will be in review for next 30 days there
                        doesn't seem to be enough on the agenda to merit meeting until
                        the Public Review is complete.  Therefore, we should cancel the
                        next two meetings (Jan 20th & Feb 3rd).  

                Marc and Chairs will notify Mary of request for public review and target
                sending the package to Mary by Friday January 9th, 2009.  This should
                allow the public review to complete prior to the next WSFED TC meeting.

                There were no objections to the motion that the next meeting be
                February 17th, 2007.

7. Roll Call Additions

               One addition made.

8. Adjournment

               Meeting adjourned.

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsfed/200812/msg00003.html

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