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Subject: WSFED TC Meeting minutes for May 12, 2009

WSFED TC Meeting minutes for May 12, 2009
       We are grateful to Nortel for sponsoring this call.

Summary of new Action Items:
        AI20090512-001 - Chairs to meet prior to next meeting and determine
                                        if there is enough on agenda to justify a meeting
                                        on May 26th.        
        AI20090512-002 - Chairs to work with Mary to get Affirmation ballot started.

1. Call to order

                - Verify Minute Taker  
                       Mike Kaiser to take minutes.
               - Roll Call

                  - Status change (as of end of meeting):
                        - LOA
                                Abbie Barbir; Nortel

                        - Lost voting status
                                Steve Carter

                        - Gained voting status
                                Larry Rogers
                                David Staggs
                  - Attendance
                                Mike Kaiser;IBM
                                Michael McIntosh;IBM
                                Anthony Nadalin;IBM
                                Larry Rogers;Lockheed Martin*
                                Geoff Bullen;Microsoft Corporation
                                Marc Goodner;Microsoft Corporation
                                Chris Kaler;Microsoft Corporation
                                Don Schmidt;Microsoft Corporation
                                Doug Earl;Novell*
                                Kent Spaulding;Skyworth TTG Holdings Limited
                                Don Adams;TIBCO Software Inc.
                                David Staggs;Veterans Health Administration

                - Online Chat Room Reminder
                        The meeting will have access to an online chat room at:

2. Reading/Approving minutes from February 17, 2009 [1]
               - Approved unanimously.

3. TC Logistics

               - Reminder:  
                        The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, May 26th, 2009.
                        However, this meeting is the day after the US holiday
                        and there may not be enough on the agenda.  Every
                        attempt will be made to determine whether the meeting
                        will occur as early as possible by the Chairs. Hopefully
                        by the Friday before the meeting but it may not happen
                        until the morning of the meeting. Please monitor e-mail.

                        AI20090512-001 - Chairs to meet prior to the next
                                scheduled meeting to determine if there is enough
                                on the agenda to merit a meeting on May 26th.

4. Results of Standard Vote
       - Ballot [2]
       - Email from Mary McRae re: Process for Affirming OASIS Standard [3]
       - Discussion, Motion, and Vote on Electronic Ballot

        The ballot passed 49 Yes and 1 No vote.  We must address the no
        vote per OASIS process. Mary's note [3] indicates that we have
        three options:

        (a) We can request the admin to approve the submitted specification
                without any changes despite the no vote.  This requires a
                special majority ballot by the TC.
        (b) We can choose to withdraw the submission.
        (c) We can choose to address the comment via a specification
                amendment and restart the approval process for the amended spec.
        Consensus of the TC members on the call is to proceed with option
        (a).  The intent of the group has always been to do this and it might
        have been better had we gotten the comment during the review period
        so that we could have responded then.  

        MOTION: Affirm OASIS Standard Status for WS-Federation v1.2
                Does the TC desire to approve the specification as submitted
                (Web Services Federation Language v1.2) as an OASIS Standard
                despite the negative vote received?

                Motion made by Mike Kaiser and seconded by Don Adams
                No response to request for additional discussion.
        Motion approved w/o objection to unanimous consent.

        AI20090512-002 - Chairs to work with Mary to get Affirmation ballot

5. Other business

7. Roll Call Additions

               3 additions added to attendee list above.

8. Adjournment

               Meeting adjourned.

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsfed/200902/msg00008.html

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