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Subject: [wscm-comment] WSCM - what's new here?


> The primary deliverable of the WSCM TC is a coordinated set of XML
> vocabularies and Web Services interfaces that will allow businesses to:
> 1) deliver web applications to end users through a diversity of
> deployment channels: directly to a browser or mobile device, indirectly
> through a portal, or by embedding into a 3rd party web application; and
> 2) Create web applications that can be easily be modified, adapted,
> aggregated, coordinated, synchronized or integrated by simple
> declarative means to ultimately leverage a worldwide pallet of web
> application components.

I'm concerned that this is overly vague.  Specifically, the Web as it is today meets all of these objectives.

I'm also concerned by the phrase "Web Services interfaces".  Will this mean some RPC methods defined with SOAP?  
If so, I would, in the strongest possible terms, recommend against doing that.  HTTP and URIs are sufficient, and in fact 
provide their own component model.  I can see no benefit to defining a new component model when the old one 
continues to work well.

For some more detailed context, see;



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