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Subject: Re: [wsia-comment] More News


The point is that, to a much larger extent than one would think, 
these organizations are not keeping track of each others' working 
documents. Actually, this is equally or more of a problem within the 
larger member companies, which have overlapping working units 
concerned with bits and pieces of the overall web services picture 
which are not as well coordinated as they would wish, and certainly 
less well coordinated than the rest of us would like. I'm not 
especially interested in calling attention to examples because it is 
an overall condition within the industry and within academia as well. 
That's the basic point of liaisons, getting these overlapping efforts 
more aware of each other, so that they actually do keep track of what 
each other is doing.

And there already are conflicts in the making, such as between WSFL 
and Xlang. These haven't hardened into separate marketplace 
initiatives to compete for developers, and it would be good if they 

As I was investigating the Web Services Interoperability 
Organization, ws-i.org, I saw many of the same names as are 
represented in this TC, and a significant few who are not. It makes 
me wonder... I would be a great deal happier to know that the major 
public efforts are in synch by design, rather than by watchfulness.


At 10:34 AM -0500 2/13/02, Graystreak wrote:
>Nice article pointer.  Sums up much of the politics around Web services
>these days.
>The article misses much of the point, though.  W3C *is* the big
>companies.  Members set the agenda, populate the working groups, etc.  If
>there is no working group for WSDL, it is at least in part because
>Microsoft, IBM, etc. have not pushed for one, nor provided the resources
>for it.  So who is to blame here?
>>  Resolved: WSIA and OASIS needs to initiate direct liaison with W3C to
>>  prevent conflict and duplicated efforts.
>Sure.  It's certainly nice to have everyone on the same page.  But the
>more people involved in a standards effort, the more unweildy and slower
>the process becomes.  I'm not sure what duplication you would prevent by
>this method that isn't prevented by each organization keeping track of the
>others' working documents.
>--Alan Wexelblat
>wex@media.mit.edu		http://wex.www.media.mit.edu/people/wex/
>CHI'02 Panels Chair		moderator, rec.arts.sf.reviews

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