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Subject: [wsia-comment] wsia-wsrp joint interface criteria

Title: wsia-wsrp joint interface criteria
Hi Everyone,

I volunteered to put together a candidate set of criteria for the WSIA-WSRP Joint Interface Subcommittee to use for reaching consensus on the Version 1.0 Specification going into our joint face-to-face meetings next week.

Since we did not set forth a formal requirements document when we began this effort, I will use the WSIA Requirements Document in its current form as a basis, and I will repeat the relevant unedited passages here rather than refer you to that document to find the exact definition. Bear in mind that this wording refers to the WSIA Requirements, not the specifications that stem from it, of which this is one, so please make the adjustment of thinking in terms of specification or API rather than Requirements. I added (-WSRP) to make it a little more clear.

This comes from the Taxonomy section that starts the Requirements Document.

Functionality-Requirements ensuring that a high-level for business functionality is met.

Flexibility-Requirements ensuring that the WSIA (-WSRP) standard supports different systems, methodologies, environments, tools and developer capabilities.

Simplicity-Requirements ensuring that the WSIA (-WSRP) standard minimizes the limitations on developer capabilities and on the complexity of toolsets.

(Expressiveness-Requirements ensuring that Web Services that comply within the WSIA (-WSRP) standards can provide a much information about their characteristics and behavior to support robust development methodologies and feature-rich tools.)? I am not at all convinced that this particular requirement translates to a criteria for this purpose.

Privacy-Requirements ensuring that information private to individuals or organizations can be passed between system components implementing the WSIA (-WSRP) standard.

To these principles, I would add:

Performance-Requirements ensuring the least computational overhead on each system component in order to maintain services, complete transactions, and perform the total number of operations required within a model of the interface specification.

Modularity-Requirements ensuring that subsets of the specification can be used without creating exception errors or invalidation by XML 1.0 standard-compliant parsers.

Extensibility-Requirements ensuring that the specification can be extended in accordance with the principles of interoperability within the constraint of compliance with XML 1.0.

I think it might be wise to consider including these in the Taxonomy section of the the WSIA Requirements Document.

Bear in mind that this is just a candidate set of criteria to which you may add or subtract as you see fit.

 I think it would be wise to come to a group decision on the order of priority of the criteria. In case I can't chime in on Thursday's telecon, my preference for the order of importance of this set is:


I'm sure numerous improvements will occur to me as soon as I send it, but time moves on and other tasks beckon.



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