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Subject: [wsia-comment] Carsten's PPT and Persistent Entities

Hi Folks,

I was on the phone for much of Carsten's presentation, but I missed 
quite a bit too, and when I asked if it could be made available, 
Michael seemed to indicate that instructions were in his email of 
final instructions, but there doesn't appear to be a url for the ppt 
file itself which is what I want. It is also apparently not available 
yet through the wsrp website So if it could be sent as an attachment 
to either wsrp-comment or wsia/wsia-comment, I would appreciate it.

I had no problem seeing the slides on the web, but the software 
doesn't seem about to save it for me.

In the discussion about the nature of persistent entity I chose not 
to interject because there was more than enough different 
interpretations floating around without me adding my previous 
understanding, so I thought I would include it here.

I have thought (past tense) of persistent entities as the 
configuration of portlets from a single producer which a consumer 
requests. The request for a persistent entity is occasioned by a need 
for a specific set of WSIA Services or WSRP Portlets. It is the 
scoped set or a user-specific session set that comprises a transient 
entity because the data values (usually) are volatile and therefore 
peculiar to a time-limited scope or session.  Now, I'm not sure. I 
can see where some data values other than portlet/service properties 
may be persistent even if they are specific to a user session.


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