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Subject: [wsia-comment] Website update

Hi Everyone,

I have added an html version of the current WSIA - WSRP Joint 
Interface specification version to the website under "Working 
Documents" with a link to Rich's email for downloading a Word 
version, and I thought I would let you know about it. Since the links 
from the Table of Contents to the Spec Sections works in the html 
version, it makes it easier to navigate through the document, 
especially while we are discussing it.

Note: Item 10. Security--the text within the boxed note extends off 
the screen to the right.

Note: Item 11.1 URL Encoding--also does this.

Since those are the only occurrences, I didn't bother searching 
through the code to fix it manually.

No doubt there is a reason why the tables in this converted Word 
document behave differently than the converted minutes I did 
yesterday, and while it might be nice to understand this, I sincerely 
doubt I want to become an expert in such things. There is an entirely 
separate issue as to whether or not we want to recast our spec to fit 
the recommended OASIS practices, but since this works as is, it'll do 
for now.



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